Ratings on RIDE are basically a review of the ride and your experience with it. Drivers and riders both review each other in a two-way rating system. This ensures the safety and comfort of our users, and offers more information to our community when it’s time for the next ride. 

After each trip is completed, riders and drivers will have an opportunity to rate each other on a scale of 1-5. We have terms and conditions set in place to maintain a fair rating system. This means your rating must be accurate and may not contain any discriminatory, offensive, defamatory, or other language that violates our policies. The safety of our riders and drivers is our priority, and we are committed to maintaining a space where ratings are honest and fair.

Driver Ratings

We take driver ratings seriously, so much so that low ratings that fall below our star rating or cancellation threshold can result in termination if we believe it will better protect our app and community.

Riders see an overall average of a driver’s ratings. Once the trip is completed, a rider will be given the opportunity to rate a driver in the app. Ratings are important because they represent a rider’s opinion of the quality of the ride and driver.

When choosing between 1-5 stars, 5 means that you had no issues with your experience, while 1 means that there was a serious issue with the trip, the driver, or both. You’re always welcome to provide feedback with each rating.

Rider Ratings

Drivers are asked to rate their riders after each completed trip. Rider ratings are equally as important as driver ratings. It’s important to note that ratings are not available for canceled rides. If you have an issue, you’re also welcome to inform our 24/7 support team.

When rating your experience on a scale of 1-5, 5 means you had no problems with the trip or the rider, and 1 implies there was a severe problem with the trip, the rider, or both. With each rating, we always recommend you leave feedback as well. This helps our team better understand your review.

How to Improve Ratings

You can view your star rating on your profile page. There’s a lot of incentive to maintain a good rating because it shows other users that you are a good rider or driver. This can result in either more riders, which means more money, or quicker pickups. Here are some of our top quick and easy tips for improving your rideshare ratings:

Be On Time

This goes for both drivers and riders. Drivers are working, and it’s not fair to make them wait on you if you’re not ready at the pickup time. Similarly, riders who ordered a ride have somewhere to be and they rely on the drivers to get them there. Unreliable and late drivers can significantly drop ratings. Time is valuable, so it’s best for both sides to respect that!

Buckle Up

Safety is important. No one wants to drive an unbuckled passenger in the backseat. It puts both the driver and rider at higher risk if a crash were to occur.

Keep It Clean

Again, this goes for all users. Riders do not want to ride in a car that is unsanitary or smelly. Drivers do not want riders to leave behind trash or a mess that they have to later clean up.

Be Respectful

This is probably the biggest one. Be respectful. Don’t be rude, don’t slam doors, and just consider each other’s wishes and well-being while in the car. We’re building a community here and we want everyone to feel safe and respected.

Download RIDE Today

If you have any more questions about our rating system, we’re here to help with our 24/7 support for both riders and drivers. Our app is available on Android and Apple devices. For riders, feel confident getting where you need to go in Atlanta, and, for drivers, keep what you earn and control your rides. Download RIDE today to experience it for yourself!